Gift of Gratitude
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Why Join the Notevember Community?

What is NOTEvember? Notevember is simply a challenge among professionals and friends to write 30 notes in the 30 days of November. Rather than just one day of celebrating thanks, we are celebrating others every day. It is about gratitude, generosity, and appreciation. Imagine the impact each note makes on its recipient. Write your note, log it into Notetracker (we have a few fun surprises for you there), and join the Community! Welcome to the Generosity Generation!

The 7 Steps to a POWER Note

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Use Unbranded Cards

Using unbranded cards instead of branded or company cards makes the note ...
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Use Blue Ink

Blue ink means… real, original, authentic – great attributes in today’s business ...
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Use Word “You”

Use the word “you” and avoid words “me”, “my”, and “I”. Remember ...
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Be Specific!

Be specific with your praise. Compliment a specific thing they did or ...
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Positively Project!

The Power of Positive Projection suggests that by acknowledging traits and characteristics ...
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The PLUS of the PS

Use a P.S. (postscript) with a powerful call to action to encourage ...