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    • Using Notevember… Frequently Asked Questions… Answered! is very simple. With anything, there will be questions... First suggestion: Explore. Discover.
      • Explore each page. Read it. Click every link. Take one minute to read it. Get an overall feel for the site.
      Second: Do these three things.
      1. Post a Comment here on the Community Board. Just say hello or hi or whatever you want, but familiarize yourself with what it takes to post.
      2. Browse a couple of Blog posts and Comment on the Blog post. Even if it is just "good point" or "good article" or even "I disagree", post to familiarize yourself with the Blog and Comments.
      3. The crown jewel of Notevember is NoteTracker. Go to NoteTracker. While NoteTracker is still up and open, write a handwritten note. Include a P.S. Then, log it into NoteTracker. Note who you sent it to, what you wrote (isn't it cool to be able to remember what you wrote!?), and what you put in the P.S. You don't have to put all the details in NoteTracker - put what you want. For me, I have put in the main sentence or thing I acknowledged or complimented in the other person and then I type exactly what I put in the P.S. because I want to know what P.S. gets best responses so I can continue to build great relationships.
      That's it! Come back often and Share with us what you get as far as responses! Blessings, Michael P.S. Have a question? Has it been answered yet? If not, start a new Topic and let's discuss! We're here to help!  .
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