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    This fall I was lucky to take a three week trip to Italy! My biggest worry was my 87 year old mom being on her own that long. (I call her several times a day, stop in a few times a week, and know she likes the contact). While at O’Hare, I posted this request in Facebook: I asked friends and family that if I’d ever sent them a note or did something nice for them, that they’d pay me back and drop my mom a note. WELL…. I was paid back 100 fold! She received almost 70 cards, 5 personal visits, flowers, a fall basket and candy! Several friends who visited posted photos on Facebook so I could “see” she was doing well! One posted a video! Here is our Thank You video to all who made her day and just how surprised she was by all the mail! My years of thoughtful notes to others came back to me in such a sweet payoff!!!

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