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    Dave DeBruyn

    WOW did you ever wonder how many real estate agents just make this business harder than it is?? all these marketing programs that agents buy into to get leads>> and really ALL one has to do is send a THANK YOU note to those already in their data base>> More important just send out this MONTH to those that have done business with you and SAY thank you and PS them to have them call>> you will be surprised how many respond immediately and will give you a name to contact!!!Not only did it only cost the price of a stamp BUT you build a lasting relationship with that person and more leads will follow>>
    we all seem to think someone else can get paid to get you those leads>> ( like zillow and trulia) but it is right there in your own data book>> it is still 11 days till the end of NOVEMBER> how many clients will be added to your list of business if you even send out 11 notes??? what would you do with 11 new clients>>

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