Why Facebook?

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    facebook logo written

    Why Facebook?

    It’s fast.

    It reduces typing errors.

    It allows for more sharing – voluntary sharing.

    It eliminates Guest and Anonymous posts. In a Message Board or Comment strand, we want people to speak for themselves – and not shoot arrows from behind darkened walls.

    It allows a ton of fun functionality – like putting your picture on the Daily, Weekly, and Notevember Leaders.

    And other wonderful reasons too many to name here…

    Hope that explains it!



    P.S. If you are worried about this site or me sharing with your Friends, posting on your Wall, or in any way, shape or form marketing to you, rest assured it won’t happen. My mission is to help people do what they know they should be doing but aren’t AND make it fun, enjoyable, and painless. That’s Notevember. Writing notes we know we should write and making it fun. See you on NoteTracker!.


    BrianSor BrianSorLA


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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