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What is a POWER note?

It’s more than your average note! It’s sent with intention and used to build your relationships. Notevemeber is an opportunity to being writing your very own POWER notes. Join International Best Selling Author, Michael Maher, as he shares the 7 Steps to a POWER note in the video below.



The 7 Steps to Power Note

By Michael J. Maher, MBA

1. Use Unbranded Cards:
Using unbranded cards instead of branded or company cards makes the note more personal – and better received.

2. Use Blue Ink:
Blue ink means… real, original, authentic – great attributes in today’s business world. And Blue is color chosen most often as FavoriteColor.

3. Use word “You” and avoid words “Me”, “My”, and “I”:
Use the word “you” and avoid words “me”, “my”, and “I”. Remember the note is about them!

4. Be Specific with Your Praise:
Be specific with your praise. Compliment a specific thing they did or acknowledge a particular trait or characteristic.

5. The Power of Positive Projection:
The Power of Positive Projection suggests that by acknowledging traits and characteristics in others that you want to improve, you will improve that trait.

6. Write Rightly:
What it means to write rightly is to write your notes so that there is a gradual upward flow to the lines of your writing. We were taught to write in a straight line straight across, but the most successful, optimistic, and positive people have a natural, gradual upward slope to their writing. People refer to optimists. The way to send the message that you are an optimist and a positive person is to write rightly. *Please see example below and there will be many examples in Learn –> Photos

7. The Plus of the P.S.:
Use a P.S. (postscript) with a powerful call to action to encourage the recipient to respond.


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